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Lasttina da 5 litri, Bottiglia 1 lt, Botiglia da 75 cl The extra-virgin olive oil of f.lli Marchiani's oil-mill is obtained from healthy olives of different varieties as the Leccino, the Mignola and the Frantoio, typical of our zone, to which the Umbria quality of the Moraiolo is added. The olives are rigorously harvested by hand and they are squeezed during the 24 following hours with granite millstones and hydraulic presses.

The extra-virgin olive oil has an excellent aroma of mature yield with artichoke sign and a good fluidity. For its delicate aroma is ideal on fish and shellfishes as well as on white meats and salads, and generally its use, as seasoning, is suitable for all delicate dishes.

The product is sold in 1- litre glass bottles and in 5-litre cans. There is the possibility, with minimum orders of 12 bottles or 4 cans, to receive directly our extra-virgin olive oil at your home. The package will be delivered by express messenger and a little share in the consignment expenses is normally required. For more information on the payment conditions or any other curiosity you can contact us. We are at your disposal.

Price list
5 liter can € 47,50
1 liter bottle € 9,50
0,75 litre bottle € 9,50
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