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When the olives arrive at our mill their leaves are removed and they are sorted for impurities. They are then weighed and stored in perforated bins until they are processed. The bins used allow air to circulate maintaining a temperature between 8°C and 15°C.

The crushing takes place within the next twenty-four hours using granite millstones, guaranteeing the olives are crushed delicately at low speed and at room temperature to avoid overheating. In this first stage of production the olives are also kneaded for the first time. The process is then continued in a special kneading machine. A pressure of 400 atmospheres is later applied and it is at this pressing stage that oil must is produced: a paste of vegetable water and oil.

Even at this stage of the production the olive paste must be kept at a constant temperature to avoid altering the flavour. The final part of the production is separating the oil from the water, this takes place using centrifugal decanters. The oil is then strained using cotton to get rid of any dregs and stored in stainless steel containers in a suitable place to maintain a constant temperature.
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